SELLERS, Welcome to! The marketing of your property for sale begins here! NO BROKER FEES! is "the" place to showcase your property for sale by utilizing a dynamic virtual tour on the Internet. You can personally shoot and upload your own unlimited digital pictures per property to our servers where we will build your tour and post it to the Internet for just $99.95! If your home for sale is located in Atlanta, Georgia or one of our other service areas, we can send one of our professional media specialists to your property to shoot high quality digital images, upload the pictures and build your virtual tour starting at $159! Virtual Tours are a fantastic marketing tool that has been successfully utilized by real estate companies and agents for years. You can now take advantage of this remarkable marketing tool! Per your order the following features can apply...
  • Your virtual tour and property information can appear on as long as you need it!
  • You can shoot and upload an unlimited number of digital photographs per property.
  • For a small additional fee, we will provide a world wide web address link
    (ex: that you can advertise to allow prospective home buyers to log on directly to your property tour.
  • E-mail your virtual tour to anyone anytime! A dynamic program that allows you and others to e-mail your entire virtual tour to interested parties.
  • A searchable database engine to allow prospective home buyers to find your tour from the web site.
  • A "report on demand" activity report that shows you the number of visitors that have seen your virtual tour to date.
  • An on-line slide show presentation of your tour allowing viewers to sit back and watch the show!
  • Discover deal breaker issues early! A dynamic "e-Bid" program that allows prospective home buyers to begin communicating with you.
  • You can build a dynamic "table flyer" right on line using multiple pictures from your tour that you can print for open houses, for your dining room table or your outside flyer box!
  • For a small fee, your virtual tour can be produced on a CD Rom in a slide show format enhanced with mood music. Great to give out to prospective "serious" buyers and family members.

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